Automate the mundane, free the mind.

Difficult tasks take time, Impossible tasks take a little longer. Eduardo Mota

It was just after 5pm, and most of the office had left. The panic went through me in a matter of seconds. Without intention, I had erased an important setting in our Interactive Voice System. The entire phone system was down. The panic settled when I was able to talk to an engineer. The system restored to a previous state through several manual changes. It was at this moment that everything converged into a single belief. Automation of processes increases efficiency, and more importantly it reduces mistakes.

Over the last decade, I have focused my efforts into understanding business processes and the need of organization on how to redefine such processes for efficiency improvements. I have learned that each organization has a unique need, and unique ways of doing business that sets them apart from the competition. It is this process differentiation that allows the organization to maintain its edge and stand out from the competition.

My passion is to help maintain the organization's culture and process while increasing efficiency through automation. I believe each organization requires to introduce technolofy in its own way and avoiding blanket implementation that fit processes into a standard box.

My approach is to provide unique solutions through existing systems and custom integrations and allow a company to operate more efficiently while reducing operating cost. The return of investment in each organization needs to be high enough to easily move forward in each integration and in each process automation.

Further, with every new process being automated, I believe the existing workforce can be re-trained to provide additional value to the organization. The knowledge and experience that each worker has in the organization is invaluable. Your employees are the most valuable asset in your organization and we can help unlock their potential.